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[a collection of dumbassery]

The "art" "journal" of codfishbunny. Only, it's more a collection of doodles and babble about characters and story ideas and stuff. And it's technically a community, only I'm the only one who gets to post, 'cause it's my art journal, 'cause I figured this would be easier than having an actual journal for this stuff. 'cause I've had 1 or 2 for art and story stuff before. And I abandoned them. 'cause I was lazy.


"Art" (fan, original, finished, unfinished, incomprehensible, etc.)
Designs (characters, props, buildings, weapons, outfits, etc.)
Babble (thoughts on character and story ideas)
Planning (stories, story arcs, character arcs, things to do for a Klondike Bar, etc.)
Icons (ftw but mostly lame)
Other (related shenanigans)

[content divide]

all can see
Most finished art, icons, announcements, etc.

Most character and story babble, story planning, works in progress, etc.

eeyep. Just join the community. You can't post anything (that's my job, yo), but you can laugh at my mockable attempts to do a variety of things. yay!